Think Positively, to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

THINK POSITIVELY2What is the single most important factor in your own fitness level?
Whether you believe you can ... or you can't.
Lately, I have heard a lot of negativity from people as they make efforts towards their health and fitness goals for 2016.
Proper nutrition, cardiovascular activity, strength training, and flexibility training are important factors in achieving your health and fitness goals, but it is your attitude that determines how hard you focus in each of these areas.
Many of us have clarity about our health and fitness goals. We have goals to be stronger, healthier, more energetic, self-confident and to experience an overall better quality of life.
Having goals and making resolutions is the first step.
How much momentum we gain towards our success depends on the attitude we have when we mentally and physically approach our goals.
If you feel you have neglected your body or are ashamed of your physical activity level, it is natural to become self-protective and defensive. You may tell yourself and others that you are not capable of specific movements, classes, or activities. For many, it becomes more acceptable to find a valid reason why they cannot perform an activity that is challenging, than it is to engage in an activity that is slightly out of their comfort zone.
It is important to feel secure, safe, and capable when you exercise, but it is just as important to occasionally challenge yourself. To see a change in your body, to make a difference, you must do something different. New activities are the catalysts that will yield the results you are looking for.
When you say to yourself that you can't do something, even with a valid reason behind it, it will spread throughout your life. It spreads to the people surrounding you, to your family, your friends, your co-workers.
Challenging yourself means sometimes you will fall short, but you can’t let fear of failure stop you from trying. Failure is only temporary and gives you something to strive for next time.
A negative attitude may be difficult to recognize and may even seem harmless or socially acceptable. Here are some examples of negative thought processes that will hinder your success:
• Believing or saying, “It seems like it is such hard work to get in shape.” You are labeling "working out" as too much hard work, halting you from taking the necessary steps to see the results you want.
• Complaining about your current ability level, strength level, health, or body image instead of taking action to make a change. You are inhibiting your abilities by telling yourself you are not enough, you are not capable. Instead, focus more on what you aspire do. Talk about your goals.
• Having a fear that if you give your best you will still not be able to reach your goals. This allows you, instead, to do the bare minimum when it comes to working out and your nutrition. With this mindset, you will go to the gym once in a while instead of exercising consistently. When you do exercise, you will not give 100 percent. When it comes to healthy eating, you will not be as consistent as you are capable of, giving in to instant gratification because the long term goals and rewards seem too distant and out of reach.
If you approach your abilities, your body, and your fitness with a positive attitude, you are going to take the necessary steps it takes to get there. You know that with effort and persistence you will get to where you want to be.
Conversely, approaching your fitness and nutrition with a negative mindset can set you up for failure. Having a negative approach will result in not giving your best effort.
Being more positive in all areas of your life, in addition to the way you approach health and fitness, will drive you towards your goals and yield success.