No Need to go to a Gym Because I Come to You!

There are many reasons to hire an in-home personal trainer and one of the biggest is convenience. I come to your home at your desired time with all of the necessary equipment for a personalized, functional and efficient workout. Whether you are training for a marathon, recovering from a surgery, dropping the baby weight, toning up for your wedding, (I can go on and on), I will get you the results, hold you accountable and TEACH you the why and how behind every exercise in the comfort of your own home and on your clock! Bundled training sessions are available at a reduced rate.

Small Group Personal Training

It’s Cost-effectiveHiring a personal trainer for one-on-one sessions is great and often nets awesome health results. However, not everyone can afford this luxury. At the same time, it’s sometimes difficult to get the individualized attention you need to achieve your personal goals in the setting of a larger, more affordable, fitness class. Small group training is perfect for those looking for a happy medium. The trainer can connect with you on a personal level without the high costs. You’ll Feel a Greater Sense of Accountability and Motivation Small Group Training starts with a one-on-one assessment. Now, fully aware of your goals and personal needs, custom designed workouts are built in with different levels of fitness in mind. The participants do not have to be at exactly the same fitness levels to benefit from small group training. You will receive accountability, motivation, support, experience and expert guidance to reach your fitness goals in this small group environment of 2-4 clients.

Private Fitness Studio

If you do not have space at your home to exercise, no problem! I have a Private Fitness Studio in my home for one on one privates or Small Group Fitness! Come train with me here!

Grocery Shopping Tours

Have you tried low fat or low carbohydrate diets without positive results? Do you get a brain cramp trying to figure out food labels? Are you confused by claims like no carb, low carb, light, low fat and no fat? Do you find yourself frustrated trying to make sense of food label ingredients that you can't pronounce? Are you confused by marketing hype and fancy packages? Well, if you've answered yes to any of those questions, then you've come to the right place. I can help. I know just how confusing and frustrating it is for people to make healthy choices at the grocery store. And I also understand just how vital it is for you to learn how to choose correctly because what you eat accounts for 90% of the battle of the bulge!? My Guided Grocery Shopping Tour is your answer. In my Guided Healthy Grocery Shopping Tour you'll experience an educational adventure at your favorite supermarket and unlock the secrets of healthy eating.

Nutritional Counseling

Discuss weight loss, balance, moderation, meal planning, healthy cooking, portion control, and other inquiries. Have a meal plan tailored just to you, to assist you in your goals to live healthier. Explore healthier recipes, learn how to count calories, proteins, and fats. Receive nutritional tips and keep track of your full body composition, BMI, and BMR.

Cooking Classes

First, we will talk about the types of foods you are interested learning to prepare. After we select your menu, I will print it and bring copies of the recipes for your guests (if you are sharing the occasion). I will show you step by step how to prepare the various selections. I will share tips for saving time, cutting cost and having fun making tasty, healthy food that you and your family will love. When it is finished you all enjoy the wonderful new dishes you have learned to create!I will come to your home and demonstrate a healthy cooking class. Classes can be done in your home, and I will bring everything necessary to prepare the food. Pricing is by person and varies according to the menu items selected. Minimum of 6 people required for class.